1. when someone says something remotely controversal in seminar



  2. when the hot grad student dresses up for his presentation


  3. walking out of class after sitting on one of those backless stools


  4. when i find a new theorist to love



  5. trying to narrow down my thesis topic


  6. when the speaker suddenly says something relevant to my research


  7. the requirement to be wholly original in academia



  8. when endnote decides to have a meltdown at 1am


  9. when someone says they were homeschooled



  10. when the ethics committee rejects half of my proposal

    i’m like



  11. Before your presentation


    submitted by [onlyhumannotanangel]


  12. when my students don’t take any of my essay-writing advice


  13. when a great idea suddenly pops into my head



  14. when a book isn’t on googlebooks


  15. when my advisor comes to *me for advice