1. when i’m told i need to exercise more



  2. when my phone accidentally goes off in class



  3. as soon as i send something off to my advisor

    submitted by a.m.


  4. when i’m stuck talking to people about non-academic stuff

    i’m like:

    image   image


  5. when i take a book out of the library only to have it be recalled literally the next day



  6. when it gets so late that i seriously start debating sleeping in the office

    fuck it i’ll put some chairs together


  7. right before my defense


  8. when i’m so busy i have to eat lunch at my desk


  9. sitting in on a talk that has nothing to do with my research

    image  image


  10. when i’m trying to find a reference in a book and i realize i can’t ctrl-f



    throwback thursday! first presented on june 14, 2013!


  11. trying to date in grad school


  12. when someone gets into uni because their parents gave a lot of money to the university




  13. when it’s starting to get cold outside


  14. when i have to fill out the skills section of a job application



  15. looking at a thesis page filled with annotation