1. Before your presentation


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  2. when my students don’t take any of my essay-writing advice


  3. when a great idea suddenly pops into my head



  4. when a book isn’t on googlebooks


  5. when my advisor comes to *me for advice



  6. when a prof talks to us like we’re undergrads



  7. when people steal my food from the communal fridge



    throwback thursday! first presented on may 20, 2013!


  8. finally figuring out a problem i’d been working on for ages



  9. when someone describes me as “just” a grad student



  10. facebook twitter mania

    ok biztches. i’ve finally connected the tumblr with a facebook and twitter; now i can bombard your lives in more way than one. 

    please go ahead and like / follow / stalk / ignore me at :



    YUP that’s a “1" at the end because i’m slow on the uptake and people already stole my name (cuz it’s not like it’s not a popular phrase or anything), and i literally couldn’t think of anything else to do (and twitter wouldn’t let me do phdstudents.tumblr the bastarsd). 

    so if you find procrastinating on tumblr isn’t enough for you, now’s your chance to do so with me on twitter and facebook too!



    ps. yes i’ll be trying to do other things on them, rather than just rehashing what i post on tumblr. xphd


  11. when i have to be reminded that i am more than my phd



  12. when my friends and i arrive at the conference



  13. when your research friends shares the same feeling of what you go through in your research


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  14. imagining post-doc life


  15. when my paper ends up further away from a solution than when i started